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[Stonington, Maine. View of the harbor.] The Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill has fine art and a wonderful sculpture garden.

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We Love it Here. There is Always Plenty to Do, Plenty to See, Plenty to Eat.

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Relaxing Shopping in Blue Hill, Maine...

Hi, you'll have plenty of fun visiting Rackliffe Pottery, Blue Hill Wine Shop, Pashmina's Boutique, Merrill and Hinkley Grocery Store, Leighton Gallery, and the office of the Blue Hill Chamber of Commerce in nearby Blue Hill!

Plan Your Travel Time, Stop at the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

In a key location on scenic US Route 1 and State Route 3 this magnificent new bridge spans the Penobscot River from Prospect, Maine to Verona Island. It's the quickest way from Augusta and Camden to the Blue Hill Peninsula. The observation room in the western tower of recently constructed Penobscot Narrows Bridge is open to visitors during the warmer months of the year. On a clear day you can see 100 miles in all directions from the observatory at the top of the 40 story high Penobscot Narrows Bridge! Saturday, June 23, 2007 celebrated the completion of the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

[CHSWHIZ license plate of Sunset Acres Farm, Brooksville
	.]Mainers' Vanity Plates will Provide Entertainment During Your Drive to Oakland House Seaside Resort.

We've made a game of collecting the sayings expressed on Maine vanity plates. This must be because we take such pride in what we do, maybe because our location is condusive to creative thinking.

Blue Hill Reversing Falls.

The Reversing Falls in Blue Hill changes direction when the tide goes out and comes in. Itís a great place for experienced kayakers to practice their paddling skills.

Wander off the Blue Hill Peninsula for a Day.

Drive the back roads to Mt. Desert. Go through Ellsworth, crossing the bridge at the Trenton Lobster Pound. Stop there to have lunch. Continue along the western side of Mt. Desert on Rt. 102 through Pretty Marsh and Tremont. Stop at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse to take pictures. Stay on Route 102A stopping to take a short (1.4 mile) hike at Wonderland Trail. It will be worth it for the stunning views.

Cross the Bridge from Sedgwick to Deer Isle

You will experience the vibrant, strong fishing communities of Deer Isle and Stonington. The bridge was completed in March 1939. Until the construction of the bridge the only way to the island was by boat or ferry (at Ferry Landing). Stonington is a favorite of artists. There are lots of artists' galleries and plenty of artistic learning opportunities for students of all ages at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle.

[The greatest log is cut.]

Logs to boards: using a portable saw mill:

Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea's 50 acre woodlot is in a dynamic process of growth, reclaimation, and regrowth all orchestrated by Mother Nature. Sometimes we have to take trees down ourselves. Then we save the really, really good logs to cut into boards. That's when we call someone who has a portable saw mill.

We'll see you soon.

[Artist painting a picture of Brooklin, Maine's Rock Bound Chapel.][Walkers Pond in fall.] [Islands around Stonington, Maine.]

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