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Fairy Houses Spotted Around the 60 Acre Oakland House Property:

Welcome to our world! Take a stroll, take a peek...We've Fairies in our Garden and about, you'll see! Join the ethereal and vaporous spirits of our flowery world. Rejoice in the capricious nature of our garden Fairies and be cheered in the knowledge of their existence!

Well concealed beneath a canopy of Verbena bonariensis was a tiny house.Not far from the Yellow Dot Trail lies a mystical complex of tiny dwellings.
The fairies encircled the tree with tiny dwellings. This is the westside home.It appears that the table is set.
Tiny spa crafted in a clam shell, a bath with rainwater, flower blossoms and colorful shells.We found more fairy houses when we looked really hard.
What do you think of this?Made of the simplest forest materials.
Right out in plain sight under the Miss Kim lilacs!A big Fairy appeared at Oakland House's Fantasy Fairy Houses Open House, July 2, 2007.

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