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[Nature is all around. Monarch butterfly alights.] [Waterlily in bloom on a summer's day in August.]

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Oakland House
Seaside Resort
435 Herrick Road
Herricks Landing
Maine 04617

Sally Littlefield and Family




A coastal paradise! Sixty private acres in which to relax or be as active and adventuresome as you want.

One of the most amazing things here are the changing tides. The ocean rises and falls 12 to 13 feet twice a day. It affects everthing about the way we live on the coast.... from when to launch a boat to when to go to the beach for a swim or when to look for starfish and crabs. Also, when to walk out on the Bar at Bar Harbor....critical. The Tide Charts are available online by month.

[Hike to Lookout Rock or take a climb on I survived the quarry trail for a great vista across East Penobscot Bay.] Take to foot and explore our woodland and shorefront. A short hike on a trail blazed with cairns (delicately and artistically stacked rocks) will take you 250 feet above Eggemoggin Reach for an exquisitely breathtaking view of East Penobscot Bay. Take your lunch. You'll see Pumpkin Island Lighthouse at the tip of Little Deer Isle, with Pond Island and Islesboro between us and the Camden Hills. The Camden Hills are 22 miles across the Bay. Thomaston is barely visible to the south.

Bring your own kayak or canoe or rent one from a local outfitter who will deliver it to our beach. Our beaches are ideal for launching a kayak or canoe. You can launch from our landing with a small trailer; however, it is not a good place for jet skis because of the submerged rocks. You may bring your own boat if you would like. We don't have moorings but you can drop anchor and come ashore in your own dingy. [Kayakers on Eggemoggin Reach land at Oakland House Seaside Resort.] Maine now requires a permit (which is free) to fish in the ocean. Adults will need a license to fish in Walker Pond. However, we do not have boats there.

For children and the young at heart Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea has lots of room to explore. Try a hiking trail or wander the tidal pools. There is always something going on; a great place for families. Little ones can nap while the older ones burn off energy outside. There is a collection of books in nearly every cottage.

As the evening approaches you will be drawn back to the comfort of your cottage. Its laid back interior and comfortable living room with fireplace and plenty of space with make a great gathering place for quiet pursuits: a game of checkers, chess, a puzzle on the dining table, or a glass of wine while holding your spouse's hand.

[Plein air painting.][Relax and enjoy the view from Herricks Landing.] [Fun picking dandelions in the spring.]

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