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[Doodle grin, loving it. Make Way for Doodles photo by permission 2013] [Off season walk along the shore road.]

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Oakland House
by the Side
of the Sea
435 Herrick Road
Herricks Landing
Maine 04617

Sally Littlefield and Family




Greetings dogs! We welcome you and your humans to Birches Cottage. While you are visiting we ask that you follow our guidelines:

  • Maximum of one dog (90 lb. max.) with your humans in Birches Cottage. Are you at least a year old? You must be reliably “cottage broken.”

  • You will be charged a non-refundable $10/day for each day of your stay in Birches Cottage. Your human’s deposit will be retained if you forget and chew something or otherwise damage the cottage and also if your human forgets to sooth you in a moment of excitement and you bite another guest or a staff member. Remember, do NOT bite.

  • In consideration of our other guests and their possible allergies, we cannot allow you in other cottages or buildings on site.

  • You will receive FREE doggy biscuits upon your arrival.

  • When outside, we expect your humans to keep on your leash at all times. There are enticing distractions in the form of skunks, porcupines, and bunnies that could otherwise lead you into trouble.

  • You are not to be left alone in your cottage at any time. We know there will be unfamiliar sights, noises and smells which could make you want to bark. Your humans will know just how to comfort you so you do not disturb other guests. Our housekeepers will service your cottage only when you are on your best behavior.

  • Our onsite beaches are for humans only. You may play (on leash) in the cathedral field and hike with them on the roads and trails (0n leash). Please check restrictions at public beaches.

  • When you go for a “powder room” break you MUST refrain from “marking” the well head area and any buildings, construction materials, gardens and other objects that humans might use or need to keep clean for sanitary reasons. Biodegradable doggie pic-up bags are for your humans to use to remove any remains that you might leave behind. Waste is to be double bagged and disposed of in the Oakland House dumpster.

  • When you check in you will be asked for your license number, your record of rabies shots and regular heartworm, flea and tick protection calendar as prescribed by your veterinarian for this area of the coast of Maine.

  • Your cottage will have “throw” coverings for the upholstered furniture so you can be comfortable sitting next to your humans. You will be provided with special towels for your humans to use in your care.

  • Your water and food dishes are to be placed on the rubber matt provided for this purpose.

  • Don’t worry, I’m allergic to cats, so they are not allowed.

  • We can't wait to meet you.

  • A look at Birches Cottage.

  • [Sisters at Oakland House, Brooksville, Maine] [Welcome dogs!
					  ] [Schooner sailing into Bucks Harbor, Brooksville, Maine.]

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