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[All the cottages have real woodburning fireplaces.][Great for families with children.]

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Oakland House
by the Side
of the Sea
435 Herrick Road
Herricks Landing
Maine 04617

Sally Littlefield and Family



Make the coastal Blue Hill Peninsula, Maine your fall vacation destination.
Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are but an hour away.


Dear Oakland House Extended Family,

[View toward the Camden Hills from the top of Caterpillar Hill.]As many long time guests and extended family members have been wondering, I am retiring from my stewardship of the Oakland House properties and business.

Things have a way of working out in wonderful ways hardly imagined. My dream of spending time on my own artwork, traveling to see Jim's and my grandchildren, and volunteer activities in the community is becoming a reality.

In January Jim's Cousin Rick Littlefield and his wife Robin purchased the shorefront and buildings that are the essence of the Oakland House business: the old hotel/Rusticator Restaurant, the barn, Hostel at Acorn, Birches, Ledges, Oak Grove, Homestead East and West, Westerly, Flagstaff and Grindstone Cottages. They have everything they need to continue welcoming you to our beloved Oakland House.

I have kept Lone Pine and Crow's Nest Cottages for myself and plan to rent them to those of you who would like to vacation there. I can be reached in my office by land line 207-359-8002 and my personal email: dreaming.of.maine@gmail.com. I will soon have a web site specifically for Lone Pine and Crow's Nest. Keep looking as it is a work in progress: www.rusticmainecottages.com.

It is with much love that I pass on Jim's (who died in 2010) and my stewardship to Rick and Robin. I know they will honor our family's rich history and you. I wish them the very best. Please stay in touch with me as you have become and will always be my family too. Sally Middleton Littlefield

Rick and Robin write:[View toward the Camden Hills from the top of Caterpillar Hill.]

We are so very excited and privileged to assume the ownership and stewardship of the Oakland House, part of a long line of family members who have assumed this happy responsibility.

As the owners of Robin Hood, our international summer camp just across Herrick Road, we have seen the Oakland House at its very glory, teeming with guests of the cottages and the inn, enjoyed memorable meals in the restaurant and witnessed all the activities surrounding weddings and reunions. Its history, its location, and the fact that it has been held by the same family for hundreds of years, is a distinction we intend to honor, as we move forward.

Our intention, in this first summer, is to continue to welcome guests in the seaside cottages. We have started renovations on the inn's restaurant, which has been shuttered for the past several years, and expect to open by the end of June. The Oakland House is its own entity, and will be separate from our other business, Robin Hood Camp. However, because we do specialize in fun and adventure, we will offer guests more opportunities for outdoor activities, such as powerboat excursions, kayaking and sailing, hiking and horseback riding, to name a few.

We are just getting started, but we expect our inaugural summer to be very special and invite you to join us, at the side of the sea, just as guests have been for the last 128 years.

Wow! With anticipation and gratitude, Rick and Robin Littlefield

[View toward the Camden Hills from the top of Caterpillar Hill.]Call 207-359-8521 or email relax@oaklandhouse.com to send your best wishes or to reserve your cottage for 2018 or just to touch base.

When you call you might get Heather Wren as she will be working with Rick and Robin to insure a smooth transition in staff training and guest communications. Heather has been with Oakland House since 2008 when she worked directly with Jim (and Chris) in the office. Heather has acted as General Manager helping me out for the past number of years since Jim passed away.

See our past newsletters describing the WISH JAR process. It works, and wishes do come true.
Memories and Wishes for 2017 - January, 2017.
Our "Wish Jar" Invitation to You - December, 2014.
Email us with your wishes .............relax@oaklandhouse.com

Oakland House Facebook Business Listing. Be sure to "LIKE" us on facebook. You can post comments and your own photos there.

Oakland House Blogging with stories and photos taken at cool events and happenings here or nearby. You can post comments too.

If you have been a recent guest we invite you to comment.

[Family reunion group dinner in the barn.]We've gotten request after request for weddings here. While things have changed, it's possible to reserve all the cottages for your guests and "tie the knot" in our cathedral field. Give us a call if this seems interesting.
We can save a weekend in the spring or fall for an "all colony" rental. You bring your friends and family here. If you book all 10 cottages you can celebrate your wedding in our cathedral field or on the shore. In this way you will not disturb other guests AND your friends and family will have the entire complex to play, visit and celebrate.

[A catered lobster dinner at the beach
.]During the busy months of July and August our facility is normally being enjoyed by families who come here year after year for a week at a time. Thus a July or August Wedding is generally not possible unless it's arranged much in advance.

The details of food and other things will be catered as we don't have our restaurant open. We can arrange for a bartender as well if you provide your own beverages.

Our rustic barn is available for small groups too, so please inquire.

Welcome! Would you like a "Breakfast Basket" or other items awaiting in your cottage?
[Welcome] Ask about a Welcome Breakfast Basket for a special event or if you expect to arrive after the local grocery stores close.

Honeymooners, guests with special events to celebrate? We can prepare a special welcome basket, fresh flowers or another item for your arrival.

This is but a sample of what we can arrange for you. Please enquire.

Complimentary WiFi at Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea.

This will help those who want to work while away from home. It's a bit of a trick here but our "Campus wide" network is set up for your convenience. Each cottage guest will have its own log on code. This free service is available to you at considerable expense and complexity. We do not have DSL or high speed available via the phone or cable in our location and so we ask that you help us keep it working for all.

The system will be good for:
Retreiving email, and browsing on facebook.
Viewing of low res Youtube videos that might be posted on facebook or a news channel.
For general web browsing and consultation of the weather channel for the latest weather reports.

The system cannot be used for:
Netflix or steaming video or streaming music.
TV station streaming requires more than the system can handle.
No up-loading of large digital photo files to Flicker or Picassa.
No bit torrent or file sharing through our system.

Do have fun and stay in touch with your family, friends and business associates!

Our Favorite Fairy Houses Stories and Photos of Fairy Houses on site (ever changing as the Fairies come and go through the season):
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE from www.adobe.com) to download these pages.
"Are there Fairies Living at the Bottom of my Garden I?" flier. Large file will take quite a bit of time to download...but, with great detail.

"Are there Fairies Living at the Bottom of my Garden II?" flier. A quicker downloading file but with less detail.

"Yes, there are Fairies! Here's the proof. We've had fairy house sightings throughout the property. This is fun!

Please be sure to check out our facebook page:    
[Old-fashioned family comfortable.] [Kayaking at Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea.] [Oakland House's Oak Grove Cottage.]

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