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Sally Littlefield and Family



Elopement and Silver Anniversary Getaway Special.
Make the coastal Blue Hill Peninsula your vacation destination. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are a day trip away.


Have you been contemplating the simplicity of a small wedding without the stresses of a big event and the daunting complexity of keeping family members and friends happy? Planning and having a big wedding can be exhausting. However, here you will find just the kind of peace and simplicity you are dreaming of. With a few days planning you can get married right here and linger for a few days to relax in these peaceful surroundings. Fuss free!

There are so many farms in this area!
This special is available for any 3-day, long weekend* stay during the period starting with arrivals Saturday, June 13, 2015 - Departures Monday, October 12, 2015.
Whether you are planning to elope or are celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years) we will celebrate with you. And, mumís the word.
Included in your three-day Elopement/Silver Anniversary Package will be a:
Our Gift of Flowers:

  • A Welcome to Your Cottage Floral Bouquet,
  • A Brideís Bouquet (your choice: roses or wild flowers) and a
  • Matching Boutonniere prepared especially for you all by Fairwinds Florist of Blue Hill.
    and a
    Our Gift of Food:
  • A Welcome Breakfast-Goodie Basket (on the morning of your choice) including:
  • Eight oz. of Oakland House Granola with Dried Blueberries (gluten free);
  • Fresh fruit in season
  • Locally roasted 44 North Coffee (decaf or regular)
  • Deer Isle made Nervous Nellies Jam
  • Fresh baked muffins from Bucks Harbor Market, the Blue Hill Co-op, or Millbrook Company depending on availability.
  • Oakhurst milk and
  • A gift box of famous Isle au Haut/Blue Hill Black Dinah Chocolates.

    There are cottages with one or two bedrooms. The beds and linens are comfy. Many cottages have hide-a-bed sofas which can accommodate extra family members. They all have living rooms, full baths, and either kitchens or kitchenettes. Daily light housekeeping and wood delivery is included. Now with WiFi.

    Valid for any stay of 3 or more days. Children of all ages (0-100 years old) welcome. Non-smoking. No pets on premises, except dogs and their owners staying at Birches Cottage, thank-you.

    Farm made goat cheeses at Brooksville Community Center Farmers' Market To qualify for this special you must provide us with a copy of your official marriage certificate.

  • In Maine, marriage licenses are issued at the town or city level. The couple must visit the town office in person to apply for the marriage license.
  • If both people are residents Maine, at least one of them must apply at the town office where you are a resident. If they are residents of different Maine towns, both may apply in one town or the other. It is not necessary to apply separately in each town.
  • If one is from out of state, then both people should apply in the town where one holds residency.
  • If neither person is a resident of Maine, then the couple may apply in any Maine Town office. And, it need not be the same town where the wedding will take place. For couples who want to get married in Brooksville:
    We can lead you to the right person. The Brooksville Town Offices are open M & W 9 - 2 (out for a lunch period in there) and Thurs. eve.s 6-8. The phone number of the Town Office is 207-326-4518; but answering is mostly during open hours. If those hours are not convenient, then someone from the town office can arrange to meet you for the necessary paper work. It is easy actually. The town clerk is Gayle Clifford who has an email address: gayle@brooksvillemaine.org.
  • A marriage license is valid for 90 days and can only be used within Maine. There is no waiting period from the time the marriage license is issued until the wedding date. The person performing the ceremony is responsible for filing the marriage certificate with the town office that issued the marriage license. Requirements to obtain a marriage license:
  • Photo ID such as a driverís license.
  • If this is not the first marriage for one of you, bring a certified copy (raised seal) of the divorce from or death certificate of the last spouse.
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.
  • No blood test is required.
  • Check with Brooksville town office to make sure everything is in order.

  • Ordained ministers of the gospel
  • A person licensed to preach by an association of ministers, religious seminary or ecclesiastical body. Sara Huisjen, Minister at the Ellsworth UU Church.Rev. Sara Huisjen is a wonderful local officiant. She will joyously perform a service for any couple with advanced notice. There is a fee. Email Sara: sara@uuellsworth.org.
  • Judges or justices (residents of Maine only)
  • Lawyers admitted to the Maine Bar (residents of Maine only)
  • Maine notaries too (like in a bank). That is something that you would want to arrange ahead of course.

    If you need more information see Maine's information site: http://www.maine.gov/portal/family/marriage.html.
  • Your marriage license is valid for 90 days and can only be used within the State of Maine.
  • There is no longer a requirement for blood tests nor is there a waiting Period from the time your marriage license is issued until your wedding can take place. The person performing the ceremony is responsible for filing the marriage certificate with the town office that issued the marriage license. There is a filing fee of $30. Note: This package is our gift to celebrate your union and is based upon a three day, long weekend stay. Up to 8 additional people may join an informal ceremony on the shore or grounds at no additional charge. Additional charges may apply if use of other buildings on site are required or more than 8 guests participate in your celebration. Cottage maximum occupancy and Oakland House Policies apply.
    To protect your privacy and that of other guests we request that you make us aware of your plans ahead of time.
    Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebrants must bring their marriage certificate as proof of 25 years of marriage. Anniversary date must coincide within two weeks of stay. This special is for new reservations only.
    More about our cottages that might be available during this promotional period.
    Email us
  • Brooksville Maine cottage comfort. Believe in signs, a heart shaped rock on the beach. [Celebration on the shore.]

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