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Oakland House
by the Side
of the Sea
435 Herrick Road
Herricks Landing
Maine 04617

Sally Littlefield and Family



Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea - 2014

Many of our employees plan to return but we are currently seeking a few candidate(s) to fill a few select positions:

  • Housekeepers/General Cleaning/Musician:
    We're seeking energetic individuals who have the ability and desire to do an assortment of jobs including cottage housekeeping and laundry and who are cheerful with our guests.
    *We have an "Open Mic" each Thursday Evening in the barn and need someone who can take charge and participate in this event, thus with musical understanding or talent.
    We seek individuals to live on site in July and August to help us with these things.

    [There is plenty to do in this gorgeous, rural location.]
  • Maintenance/Grounds Keeping/Jack of All Trades/Musician:
    We're seeking a multi-talented individual who has the ability and desire to do an assortment of jobs: plumbing, electrical troubleshooting, carpentry, painting, window screen repair, generator maintenance, weed-wacking, lawn cutting, gardening, trimming, planting and simple road and ditch repair...some light chain saw work with brush clean-up and cutting into firewood.

    Do you have some musical understanding or talent? Would you like to coordinate the "Open Mic"?

    Application Form:

    Download our Application Form in PDF format.
    You must have "Adobe Acrobat Reader" software installed on your computer to open, read, and print this 5-paged form. If you have the software to enter your data we welcome you to email it to us at relax@oaklandhouse.com. Otherwise snail mail it or call us and fax it. Or, scan it and attach it to your email.

    About Oakland House:

    Oakland House is a family owned and operated oceanfront cottage colony. The land it is on has been in the same family since 1767. Located on the rural coast of Maine it offers a truly relaxing environment for its guests who often return year after year. It is old-fashioned and relaxed. Our primary goal is to provide a friendly and welcoming natural environment.


    [Spring cleaning.] Our primary time of operation is early June to mid-October. However, we often need to hire people who work before and after those dates. We usually hire extra staff in July and August and we draw upon individuals already living in the community as well as those who come from some distance. We are able to provide basic on-site lodging for staff.

    Availability/desire to work:

    We have many requests for seasonal employment at Oakland House. Since our season continues into the fall we must evaluate an applicant's availability as we go through the hiring process. Our staffing requirements do drop in early September so although we can overlap staff throughout the season, the longer an applicant is able to stay, the more likely we are to hire. We are seeking individuals who are interested in coming back season after season.


    Since our goal is to provide cheerful, excellent service to our guests we must hire individuals who are friendly, neat, and take pride and pleasure in serving our guests.


    Compensation is based upon experience and can vary. All employees are required to be able to work the hours necessary for their job description. Occasionally it may be required that an employee work a split shift (i.e. working in the early hours in the laundry, taking a break and then returning to work in the office, or a rotating shift with changing hours.

    Each department operates on a time schedule that directly relates to the needed tasks for that week.

    All wages are before State and federal withholding tax, social security, and Medicare. While guests may leave tips, this is not a tip-based wage. Reporting of tips may be required by the employee.

    US citizens:

    [Part timers are a big help too.]Our in-season work week is approximately 40 hours a week. We rotate days off and there is flexibility as to the hours of work during any day. All hourly US citizen employees are paid time and a half for hours worked beyond 40/week should it become necessary from time to time.

    Occassionally, we hire part-time workers through the season as well. We enjoy providing perks anytime we can.

    Information for Overseas Applicants:

    We can NOT provide assistance in obtaining visas. U.S. law mandates that we follow certain guidelines when we hire overseas applicants and we adhere strictly to those guidelines. However, we are not actively seeking applicants who do not have cars from abroad as we cannot provide transportation as necessary to live on site.

    Employment Guidelines for US Citizens:

    US Law requires that employees prove their identity and their eligibility to work in the US. We require a US passport or a driver's license AND a social security card or birth certificate OR other documents that the US Federal Immigration laws specify.

    Our payroll is done by automatic deposit so we ask for a cancelled check from your account prior to your first week's pay.

    Drug-Free Workplace:

    Oakland House Cottages by the Side of the Sea is a drug-free workplace.

    Dress code:

    [Navy blue is our uniform color...with a white logo.] Staff members may be required to wear uniforms in the course of the performance of their duties. These uniforms are the property of Oakland House and must be returned upon departure. Since employees are in the public eye much of the time, a neat appearance is mandatory on site at all times.

    Smoking, Candles and Incense:

    There is NO SMOKING, CANDLES, OR INCENSE BURNING ALLOWED in any of the buildings under any circumstances. Thank-you.


    HOW DO I GET AROUND? It is definitely best if you have your own vehicle. The closest town with full amenities is Blue Hill which is about fifteen minutes by car. Our website has detailed driving directions to get here from just about anywhere! The country store is within about a 20 minute walking distance (3 miles). A bicycle is very useful transportation. A kayak will provide hours of pleasure if you bring one.

    Housing on Site:

    [Acorn Cottage for staff quarters.] Local housing rentals tend to be extremely high due to the high desirability of accommodations during the season. We provide on-site housing with individual rooms, shared bathrooms and a shared kitchen.

    We welcome your overnight guests (if space allows) with prior notice and a $5/night fee. Quiet hours are to be observed from 10:30 PM until 7:00 AM.

  • [We always are needing new roofs.] [There is plenty of grounds work.] [Innkeeper Family.]

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