Pet Policy

Our famly dog, Handsome.

Our famly dog, Handsome.

  • We welcome up to two dogs each in Birches and Grindstone cottages!

  • No puppies please. All dogs must be house trained and never left unattended.

  • Guests are financially responsible for any pet related damages.

  • In consideration of our other guests and their possible allergies, we cannot allow pets in other cottages. Please be mindful in public spaces of other guests.

  • When outside, please keep your pet on your leash at all times.

  • Pets must be accompanied in your cottage at all times. Our housekeepers will service your cottage only when your pet is on leash for safety purposes.

  • Our beaches are for humans only. Pets may play in the cathedral field and hike on the roads and trails on leash.

  • Please refrain from allowing your pet to urinate on any buildings, construction materials, gardens and other objects that humans might use or need to keep clean for sanitary reasons.

  • Biodegradable doggie bags are provided in your welcome pack.

  • Waste is to be bagged and disposed of in the Oakland House dumpster.

  • Your cottage will have “throw” coverings in the closet for the upholstered furniture so your pet can be comfortable sitting with you. You will even have special towels just in case their feet get wet!

  • Please use the provided rubber mat for water and food dishes.

  • Guests are expected to travel with a copy of immunization records including a rabies vaccination.

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